Published on 24 Mar 2020
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My mother would take me to the dentist for 6-month checkups. During these appointments, my teeth were cleaned and my dentist would review my overall oral health. To this day, I religiously go to the dentist every 6 months and have never had a cavity (knock on wood).

These appointments motivated me to daily brush and floss. Dentists can point out areas that need to be brushed more thoroughly because they have the experience and equipment to see the bigger picture.

Just as important as our oral health is our financial health. Regular visits with a financial advisor can help individuals to maintain a steady course towards achieving their financial goals.


The percentage of Americans that follow a budget has declined to 67% in 2019 ( Additionally, only 23% of people who have access to a financial advisor check in to review their financial health ( Imagine if only 23% of Americans visited a dentist regularly?


Financial advisors have spent years learning how to help individuals like you make the most of your finances. A good financial advisor will help you build a plan to achieve financial success. They can help you select the right investment portfolio at a risk level that feels right for you.

That peace of mind you get from going to the dentist? You can feel that way about your finances too!

At ABG Consultants, we believe everyone should have access to a financial plan led by a fiduciary advisor who is there to help them. Someone who will always act in their client’s best interest and check in on their clients to make sure they are staying financially healthy.


We want to see you achieve great things. So next time you make an appointment for the dentist, make one with your advisor as well.

If you don’t have an advisor, please contact us to see how we can help.